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The everyday ordinary world if truly looked at and seen, can often reveal something profound and extraordinary.It is my intention, to document some of these things, either simple beauty or at times something more mysterious-

A beautiful and poetic Fine Art Photograph,l expansive Taos Sunset

I use a variety of cameras -8x10 Field Camera,4x5 Linhof,35mm Format digital and  Medium Format digital.Print sizes vary depending on what the images dictate.Most of images are on 16x20 paper, or larger. Volume and space is an essential part of an image.A cloud in open sky, a root or a rock,that opens a  window into mystery,is not usually well served in a small "box".

All prints are either Limited Editions of 100 or Artists Proofs-custom prints with my call as to how many,but fewer than 100.        

All prints are printed on archival papers with archival inks.

                                                    Sunset ,Taos Mesa

All Images copyright (C)Mckenney 2024

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