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Dramatic Black and White Portrait of a Strong Man
James Mondragon,son of "Jimbo",and also some rough miles behind him and also no B.S.James now spends his time counseling and helping people suffering from substance abuse.James is -one of a kind-and yes,a truly good person



Tony Whitecrow is a skilled Leather Worker and Craftsperson in addition to being an Actor who has appeared in numerous Western Movies.A former Iron Worker from the East Coast Tony found his home in Taos New Mexico many years ago.
Thomas B. Hatcher,a retired physicist and former Quaker.He found his "spiritual" path in the teachings of Yogananda.Thomas works helping people with their computer problems until an injury and general health issues.Thomas Hatcher is a truly -good- person.

                    Thomas B.Hatcher

                        Tony Whitecrow

In the mid 80's at Carnival in Trinidad, I spent a fine day with these guys."Old Sailors from the Sea" is the name of their group.When I told my hosts I had spent time with them,they were shocked as it seems they were (reputed) to be,at that time, the most violent group on the Island.They were nice to me and we had a good time.Still when the drinking began,I knew,it was time to go.

-                   "Old Sailors From The Sea"-Carnival Trinidad

John LeBlue.A Vietnam Veteran who found his home in Taos New Mexico.He was a craftsman and a "mountain man" He traveled to  Mountain Man Rendezvous.Since this photograph he has apssed on.He was a kind man a good person a frien and "one of a kind".He will be missed.s

                               John Le-Blue

Sandy is an Artist and manages a small town Hotel in Vermont.Sandy is a creative person with wonderful taste in umbrellas!


At Niagara Falls,a woman taking selfies is oblivious to her surroundings.She really-lovs-taking selfies.

        The Selfie

Melanie is a Spiritual "seeker" and a good and sensitive person.She came to visit at the shop and we took this picture.


A portrait of Jason.He fells the world can be a drab place and he wants to "brighten it up".He does his best.Always adding color and flair to his day to day routine.A color portrait of Jason


A black and white portrait of a beautiful older woman


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