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    -Recent and Random Images-

                       -Winter into Spring-

Christmas Lights in Snow in Enosburg Park,in Enosburg Vermont

                                 After Christmas-Enosburg Park                                                           1-20-24

This year the Village of Enosburg Falls elected to leave the Christmas Lights on at the park through January.It is a wonderful thing to see the color and festive spirit for no reason other than it is lovely and cheerful.

Frost in Morning Light Beautiful

                                                   Emanation                                                                              1-20-23

Frost Lace Patterns on Window

This is frost on the window in the room where I practice meditation.No other room in the house has such formations.

                                            Frost Arabesque                                                                                3-1-24

This is frost on my window after a very cold night.The room is where I practice Qigong. Masaru Emoto,

a Japanese researcher studied the effects of directed thought/energy on frozen water crystals.He found that they took shape according to what thoughts and energy they were exposed to.This looks to me like rhythm and organic flow- Are those vines and blossoms?

Missiquoi River Ice in Berkshire Vermont

          Early thaw on the Missiquoi River                                                                 2-4-24

It was an unseasonably warm winter in Northern Vermont.The ice is leaving early .

                                         Incoming Weather                                                                                4-2-24

The first week in April-heavy snow en route -Winter is returning...

Parted curtains,shadows on the window shade

A hint,a shadow,the first buds are appearing.Spring is whispering. at the window.

Lace flowers on the closed curtains

Cold and windy,Winter lingers,-But inner flowers are blooming.


New light,new shadows, buds begin to open-Spring has arrived-

                                Green Fields Return                                                                              4-22-24

Off the trail,down a steep hill and through a thicket,is a small outcrop of rock,a place no one goes-                                                                                                    Here I sit and watch the river,the seasons passing,and fields-turning green-

All Images Copyright (C) Mckenney 2024
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