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      -Roots and Rocks-

                                               -Recorded Moments,Years,Centuries-Eons-                                                                                                         
Black and White Amazing Cottonwood Tree Roots

Cottonwood Roots-Rio Pueblo

Black and White Mysterious Tree Trunk Burl

Primordial Presence-Cottonwood Burl

Large Format Organic Stone Face

Stone Face-Apache Canyon

Large Format Color Organic Stone Formation

Organic Stone-Detail

Black and White Roots Wrapping around Rocks

Ponderosa Roots-Tres Piedras

Black and White entangled roots and rocks

After The Flood-Pecos New Mexico

Vibrant Color Uprooted Tree Organic Form Like a Bird with outstreched Wings

                    -Taking Flight-Mora New Mexico

all images Copyright (C) Mckenney 2024
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