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 -Land and Sky-

-And while I stood there,I saw more than I can tell,and I understood more than I saw-

                                                                                                             Black Elk,Oglala Lakota

Dramatic Lightning Bolt over Pecos New Mexico

Lightning Over Pecos, New Mexico

Magnificent Thunderstorm at Sunset Taos New Mexico

          Receding Storm at Sunset

Lightning Bolt over Taos Gorge Bridge

     Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and Lightning Over Taos

Striking Balck and White Image of Turbulent Clouds in New Mexico

Turbulent Sky

in New Mexico

Fast Moving Storm

Black and White image of Tranquil Clouds


Hay Bales under open Sky with serene Clouds

               Oklahoma,Hay Field,

Black and White Clouds in balanced Musical formation

Cloud Harmonic

Dawn expanse over Pecos New Mexico


Dramatic Sunset over Pecos New Mexico


Desert Twilight Land and Sky

High Desert Twilight

Sunset over Taos Mesa Land and Sky with no seperation


All Images Copyright (C) Mckenney 2024

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