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        -Large Format-

             -8x10 Field Camera Images-

Black and White Image of Massive Thunderstorm appearing out of darened skies hanging low over Desert and Mountain Valley

Storm Over Taos Mountain

Classic Large Format Image of The Rio Grande Gorge opening  beneath dramatic clouds
Classic Black and White 8x10 Film Image of massive dramatic Thunderhead over Taos Mountain

Summer Thunder

Classic Black and White Large Format Film image of beautiful lone anvil cloud over Sangre De Christo Mountains

Rain To The East-Rio Grande Gorge

Rio Grande Gorge-North

Damatic Balck and White Film Image of the Rio Grande River and Pilar Mesa under beautiful varied clouds

Pilar Mesa-Rio Grande River

Black and White Large Format Film image of Surreal Roots of Uprooted Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Roots by The Rio Pueblo

Large Format Black and White Film image of "Face" rock formation.Apache Canyon New Mexico

Stone Face-Apache Canyon

Black and White Large Format Film Image of Weathered Wood "Dragon" form

Dragon Root

8x10 Film Image.Black and White tendril branches outstreached over flowing stream.The Rio Fernando,Taos,New Mexico

Branch Fingers-Rio Fernando

 Dramatic Black and White Large Format 8x10 Sheet Film image of teh Encebado Forest Fire,Taos Pueblo

Encebado Fire,Taos Pueblo

Black and White Sheet Film Image.Highly detailed Mysterious Cottonwood Burl "Creature"              l

Primordial Presence-Cottonwood Burl

Large Format Color Sheet Film Image of Bizzare Organic Rock Formation

Organic Stone-Apache Canyon

Black and White Large Format Film Image of "Spirit" face appearing out of Rock

Stone Spirit

Large Format 8x10 Film Image of Delicate Leaves clustered on River Tree Shadows and Shimmering Light

               Autumn Reflections  

 All Images Copyright (C) McKenney 2024

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