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-Dendrities, in the Nueral Network of the living Earth-

Fine Art Color of Mysterious Trees and Moss

                                  Forest Heart


Bleached Branches conjure Spectral Elk Spirit  Antler Rack

Spirit of Elk Meadow

       Taos Canyon,New Mexico

Fine Art Color Fall Foliage of Old Tree amidst Young Stand of Trees

                                The Old One


One of three of an Ambro-type series of Trees  as Energtic Nuerons of the Earth                         as Nueral Energetic Forms       of Trees,Upper Ranchitos New Mexico series of Trees

                            Upper Ranchitos Trees # 1

#2 Of an Ambrotype series of Trees as Nuerons or energy,Upper Ranchitos New Mexico

 Upper Ranchitos Trees #2

#3 Of a series of Ambro-type images of Trees as Energetic Nuerons of The Earth

                 Upper Ranchitos Trees # 3

First Snowfall on Aspens,Pecos New Mexico

                                        First Snow and Aspens                                       By the Pecos River

  Witchy looking dead tree by ruins of rumored witches house,El Prado New Mexico

                    The Witch's Tree                       El Prado Nm.

Two parallel Aspens,Taos New Mexico

                        Parallel   Aspens           

                           Taos Ski Valley

Fine Art Color Tree and Vines by River Late Fall

                                                           Last Light- Autumn Vines                                    Missiquoi River,Vt.                                           

Black and White of uprooted Ponderosa Pine

        Ponderosa Roots,Mora,NM

Large Format Fine Art Black and White image of dramatic uprooted Cottonwood

Cottonwood Roots Along The Rio Pueblo                 Taos,Nm.

Uprooted Ponderosa Pine with Phoenix like form "Taking Flight".New Mexico

     Ponderosa Roots "Taking Flight"Mora,NM

Fine Art Black and White Striking Image Knurled Growth on Tree Roots

     Primordial Presence -Cottonwood Burl          Taos,Nm.

Black and White image of upturned root Entity

                                 Root Entity-                                               Mora, Nm.

Black and White image of tangled roots and rocks aftermath of flood on the Pecos River

     After The Flood-                                     Pecos River Nm.

Black and White image of Cottonwood Convulsions

                                     Cottonwood Burl-                                               Pecos,Nm

Pine Root mass wrapping around a boulder ,Tres Piedras New Mexico

            Ponderosa Roots-                                          

                      Tres Piedras,Nm.

Fine ARt Color Image of a Lone Tree overlooking The Taos Valley and Rio Grande Gorge

                              Overlook Tree-                                                                                           

                                  Taos Valley

All Images Copyright--(C)Mckenney 2024

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